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Short Stories

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DRIVEN is a novella set in the post-apocalyptic universe of Hereafter.

Fifty years after the Event that changed the world, descendants of Lily Turnbow and Nate Quick are still contending with mutants,Cits, and Techs.
Rowen clanTower's husband has been murdered while on a diplomatic mission. Rowen and her small son, Vine, are imprisoned and tortured. But those who would usurp the deNorte's power, kill Rowen and claim Vine, along with his magical powers, aren't prepared for Rune clanTower, Rowen's sister.
Rune is a warrior and she'll do anything to see Vine safe, even if it kills her--or means killing everyone in her path.

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These are not your Granddad's Western stories, but rather a fresh and
enlightening look at the West and its people--past, present and future. Edited by Paul Andrew Hutton.

My story is LEFT BEHIND. What happens when a ne-er do well man leaves his family to fend for itself while he galivants off to suit himself.

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The West was built on a handshake and a promise. But sometimes those promises were broken, and the consequences could be fearful. Whether it was the nation’s broken promises to tribal leaders, or a vow to revenge a wounded heart, the price would have to be paid in blood and tears. LaFrontera Publishing presents “Broken Promises,” its latest collection of thirteen fictional short stories and one novella about the Wild West from America’s newest Western writers, authors who may become tomorrow’s  legends of Western literature.

My story is MEMORY OF BLOOD, about a young man determined to avenge his mothe's murder.

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Stories of love betrayed, of crime rewarded, of death by misadventures. These are stories of people who grew up in Spokane, who belong here, whose crimes are committed here. Fifteen stories by eight authors.


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Cactus Country Anthology Volume III features 18 western stories and poems, plus 40 flash fiction western pieces, written by some of the best writers working in the western genre today. Included in this collection is the short story, Cabin Fever, written by Brett Cogburn. This story won the Spur Award for short fiction given by the prestigious Western Writers of America.

My story is: DOUBLE DEAL

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A reprint of LEFT BEHIND  is in this one, and at a bargain price.

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