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An Idaho native who resides in Washington, Crigger writes fiction set in the northwest, which she thinks is underrepresented in western writing. She is currently concentrating her efforts on her China Bohannon stories, a historical mystery series set in Spokane, Washington. A Spur Award finalist in 2007 for short fiction (Aldy Neal’s Ghost,) and again in 2009 in audio (Letter of the Law,) Crigger has also served several times as a Spur Award judge, moderated panels at the WWA conventions, and writes book reviews and occasional articles for Roundup Magazine. She pitched for and won the 2005 WWA convention which was held in Spokane, when the hosts were local members. She’s been a proud WWA member since October, 2000.

Four Furlongs


A China Bohannon Novel
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What's New?
Thanks to you folks who voted me onto the executive board of WWA. It's my honor and I'll do my very best for the organization.

The Winning Hand and Letter of the Law (see below for links) have both been sitting in the top 20 Kindle Westerns for the last few weeks. I've gotten some wonderful reviews.
Reviews make a writer happy.
The China Bohannon Blog is back up and running. The latest posting, about China's Daily Life, can be reached from here.

New Blog post 4/15/17 
and you'll hardly believe the ingredients.

                                                                   1 large ripe avocado                                                
                                                                    1/4 C. cocoa powder (prefer dark)
                                                                  1/4 C. maple syrup (or a little more depending on taste) in a pinch, you can use regular syrup
                                                                  1/4 C. nut milk (almond, cashew or coconut)
                                                                  1/2 t. vanilla
                                                                  dash of sea salt

                                 Add all ingredients to a food processor or a blender. Puree for 1 - 2 minutes, until smooth. Divide into two dessert dishes. I used pretty crystal wine
glasses. And, since I'm not vegan, I layered the mousse with whipped cream. Add a few baby orange slices on top.

Seriously, you'll be shocked at how good this is!
Fabulous texture.
And what could be easier?

Latest Releases

From Wolfpack Publishing

Never bet more than you can afford to lose . . . Caroline Pruett should've heeded that advice.
A northwestern set in the Okanogan country and Fort Steele B.C.

Only 99 cents.

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From Wolfpack 2009 Spur Award finalist in Audio, Letter of the Law, has been released in Kindle. Pick up a copy for only 99 Cents, and please, give it a review.
Set in North Idaho, when Sheriff Birdsall is shot from ambush, his wife takes over his duties with the help of an unlikely deputy and a three-legged dog.

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Black Crossing, re-released from Wolfpack Publishing on September 6, spent three + weeks at #1. Check it out--and don't forget that anyone can download a free Kindle reader app-- here . Only 99 cents!
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Boothenay isn't prepared for a time-traveler from the future who, in need of her expertise, kidanaps and takes her forward into 2116. Stranded there, angry and unable to use her own powers, Boothenay finds she must help create a future instead of reliving the past.
Book #3 in the Gunsmith Series

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Boothenay believes she is the only person in the world with her ability--until a Colt 1911 .45 automatic steals Caleb Deane and sets him down in the middle of WWI. Now Boothenay has to discover where he's gone, and find a way for them both to survive the final battle.
Book #2 in the Gunsmith Series from City Lights Publishing.  99 cents

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Re-released by Wolfpack Publishings City Lights imprint for Kindle. Only 99 cents.
This is the first Boothenay Irons time-travel novel. Antique guns send Gunsmith Boothenay into the history of the weapon. Adventure and mayhem ensues.  99 Cents
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Driven is a novella (80 PAGES) set in the world of HEREAFTER.

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99 cents
Hereafter has been re-released in Kindle format.
Hereafter has been re-released in Kindle format.

This one may be my favorite book to write!

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